Keeping Myself Accountable

I wanted a place where I could blog about my everyday experiences with personal finance — hey, that’s why it’s called “personal,” right? — and also post pictures of any home improvement projects I’ve done. My husband, who I’ll call Mr. Not-So-Frugal (Mr. NSF for short) and I bought our first home together last June, and there’s still a lot to do around here!

We’ve got a cute mint-green Cape Cod-style home with a second floor that hasn’t been updated since the shed dormer was put on sometime in the early 1960s. That means lots of knotty pine wood and industrial-brown floor tile that needs replacing. Two bedrooms and one full bathroom need renovation. We’re in the home stretch with bedroom #1, which now just needs to be painted (primer and color), carpeted and fitted with window and baseboard molding.

My father, brother and I did the bulk of the work, with Mr. NSF’s father helping with the gut work months ago. Since then we raised the ceiling from 7 feet to 8 feet, ran new electric and put up the drywall (I ran most of the electric :::pats self on back::::). We had a professional spackler come to do that job, and now we’re ready for primer — Dad will be doing the painting, since he really enjoys it.

Once I clean up the splotches of joint compound on the floor and clean up in there, I’ll take some pictures and post them. But for the time being, you’ll all have to imagine what it looks like!