Picking a Paint Color Gives Me a Headache

After 10 months of the upstairs room being in limbo, we’re finally at the point where we’re ready to pick a paint color. My dad came over to sand the final coat of spackle and start on the primer coat, since he lives for painting. But it’s been hot, so the primer’s only half-done. And I need to pick that damned color.

I’ve decided on yellow (notice I didn’t say “Mr. Not-So-Frugal and I decided on yellow”). I’ve always wanted a nice, sunny room, and since this isn’t going to be our bedroom permanently, I think it’s fair. We still need to renovate the second bedroom and full bathroom on this floor, and want to end up back in that other bedroom, where we currently are set up. Both rooms are exactly the same except for the sun exposure and the fact that there are THREE closets in our bedroom, as opposed to the two bedrooms in this room.

So I’m sitting here surrounded by tons of yellow color samples, trying to decide if I want a pale yellow, a medium yellow, or a vibrant yellow. I don’t want anything TOO pale, and I don’t want anything TOO golden yellow. I guess the best thing to do is take them upstairs and see if I can get a feel for the color on the walls in daylight.

Mr. NSF just told me, ‘Pick whatever you want,” so I’m not going to get feedback there. *sigh*

I should just suck it up and choose — after all, we’re going to have to pick wall-to-wall carpeting next!