It’s Haircut Time

I’m going to splurge on my quarterly haircut on Saturday¬†— with tips for the stylist and the shampooer, it runs me $50. Right now, my hair is all one length, sort of a bob, but I want layers and shortness again. I suppose I should go in there with an old picture of a haircut I had a few years ago!

My hair color has lasted a while — I use box hair color from the drugstore, since I just want to cover my grays, which are coming in fast and furious now. That’s something I do every few months, and the color costs me about $5. At the salon, it would cost me $55. That’s without highlighting, which is about $5 per foil (think 20 foils on average = $100).

I also need a pedicure badly — that’s something I also do quarterly, because I hate people touching my feet. Actually, I hate people touching me, period (except for the haircuts). Manicures are even worse because they’re so close to my face when they do it, and massages are out of the question. Anyone else feel like this, or am I just a weirdo? Wait, don’t answer that question.