I Collect Paper

I came to a realization today: While I abhor anything out of order in our home, paper doesn’t make that cut. I can’t stand to see dishes in the sink, or in the drainboard, or clothes out of the hamper, drawers or closets. But when it comes to books, magazines, bills, receipts, reporter’s notebooks or anything that’s made of paper, it gets strewn about without a care.

Luckily, I’ve managed to sequester my paper mess in my home office. As I look around me, I have coupons, shoprite and ATM receipts, bills, notepads, calendar pages, medical paperwork¬†and comic strips I’ve cut out on my desk. On the shelf above me, there’s a ton of old assignment papers, other receipts for online purchases and instruction booklets for small electronic devices like my digital camera and iPod. That doesn’t include the pile of papers to shred on the floor (next to the shredder, of course), the basket of paperwork to be filed on top of the rolling plastic file cabinet or the mail to be sorted on top of the bookcase. The pile of bills is also on my desk.

I’m pretty neat about this stuff at work — nine times out of 10, I clear my desk before I leave for the day. But at home, everything is all over the place. And things have gotten worse. Normally, spend a good hour or two about once a month cleaning up the papers. But recently, my summer malaise has kept me from doing even that much. I made a half-hearted attempt to sort some of it the other day, but I only got about 1/3 of the way through everything before I got distracted.

There’s always tomorrow — I’ll be home all day. Or Monday, or Tuesday… I suppose it will get done eventually!

And let’s not talk about the laundry.