The Painfully Expensive Month of August

This month has been full of little expenses that have hit the checkbook hard. We tend to be more social during the summer, so it’s not too surprising, though.

Here’s how some of the expenses broke down:

1. BBQ. We hosted a barbecue for a few close friends, and the price of food and booze adds up, although it was definitely worth it.

2. Two tickets. One was a parking ticket because I had to park at a metered spot instead of in the free doctor’s lot, and I didn’t remember to bring quarters with me. Remember when meters used to take nickels and dimes? Not bright on my part. Then, I went through an EZPass toll without my tag in the car. Short story is I thought I was in a lane that was open, but it wasn’t, and the toll-taker refused to take my toll. Jerkface.

3. Fantasy football. Mr. Not-So-Frugal is in a fantasy league every year, and between the fee and the food, that was $115 down the drain. It’s worth it if he wins in the end, but you can’t count on that!

4. Home Depot. The upstairs room is finally getting painted, so those supplies had to be purchased: primer, ceiling paint, top coat. And rollers. We also needed a new deadbolt.

5. Prescriptions. My new endocrinologist has decided that I need to be on name-brand Synthroid to manage my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis autoimmune disease, so a 90-day supply ran me $80. With co-pays, it would have cost $90, but they just charged me whatever it cost withouth insurance, since it was less than the co-pay.

6. Doctor’s appointments. Mr. NSF’s health insurance has a $40 co-pay this year for specialists, so that’s painful — especially when you’re seeing specialists often.

7. Increased mortgage escrow. Taxes went up, so the mortgage payment went up, by about $100 a month.

8. Eating out. We had dinner with friends a few times and picked up sushi from ShopRite on a few Fridays.

9. Miscellaneous. Our utility bill was high because July had been the second-hottest month on record, and I had a few expenses on the credit card that we’d actually paid off a few months ago, so that was a fat payment.

10. Baby Shower. We planned my BFF’s baby shower for the end of this month, too, so there are the associated expenses with that.

September doesn’t look to be too bad, although we already have plans to go to a Renaissance fair and an Oktoberfest. Hopefully, that will be the extent of the ‘extra’ expenses. And before I know it, it will be Christmas ::shakes head:::