A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

I love you dearly, but I really, really want you to finish painting the upstairs bedroom that you lovingly helped renovate over the past 11 months so I can get some carpeting put down and do the molding. I know you don’t want any help because you’re a perfectionist (like anyone should wonder where I got that trait from), and I know it’s going to be hot again and that it will have to wait, but I’m thisclose to just doing it myself, even though I shouldn’t be in the middle of paint fumes in my ‘condition.’ Evenings after sundown will be cooler, and you can wear shorts to beat the heat…

And you can paint the kitchen for me, too, while you’re at it, since the paint samples I streaked in various places (pre-pregnancy) are driving me nuts.

Your Freaking-Out-Because-We-Need-to-Move-on-to-Renovating-the-Rest-of-the-Upstairs-Before-March Daughter


No worries — I won’t be painting. I know it’s not healthy for the baby — I wouldn’t even use the low VOC paints they have on the market nowadays. But I can’t stand looking at a project that’s taken this long, knowing it’s so close to being finished, and WOULD be finished if I could just do it myself!

Once the room-that’s-taken-a-year-to-renovate is finished, we’ll be moving our bedroom into there and starting on the bathroom and bedroom upstairs. I’ll leave the gutting to the boys (dad, brother, Mr. NSW & my dad-in-law), since that’s the fastest part. But then we’ll probably hire a professional to do the rest, because I sure can’t wait another 11-12 months to get the rest done.

And I know if we don’t finish what we started upstairs BEFORE the baby arrives, we sure as heck won’t be finishing it after Baby Frugalista shows up, since we’ll be pretty distracted for a while!

P.S. If anyone wants to paint my kitchen, please, by all means, just volunteer! (Hey, brother of mine, doing anything next week? Haha.)