Shower Success

Had the pleasure of co-hosting a great baby shower today for my BFF, who’s due in 6 weeks with her little man. Everything went off without a hitch — the food was delicious, everyone had a good time, the centerpieces and decorations were kick-ass. However, I am beat up from the feet up, as they like to say in these parts.

We did pretty well with budgeting for the event, with the help of a nice donation from a family member toward our costs. It wasn’t a very frugal shower, but then again, it wasn’t MY shower. Anyway, there are certain things I don’t skimp on, and celebrating my close friends and family members’ milestones is one of them.

Someone at the shower, a friend of mine from high school, asked when Mr. Not-So-Frugal and I are going to register for baby stuff. I’m a little bit superstitious, so I want to wait — plus, what’s the fun of picking out stuff if we don’t know what we’re having? We find that out in mid-October, so we’ll talk then about registry stuff.

I’m not a big fan of showers — I hate being the center of attention. I’m really not comfortable at showers (bridal or baby) even as a guest — it’s just a big present-opening party with food and cake and coffee. Just not my scene.¬†Anyone else out there feel the same? Mr. NSF won’t even consider a Jack-and-Jill-style party to ‘share the pain’ with me when the time comes. He’s such a sport, haha. It’s the least he can do if I’m carrying our child for 9 months, no?