More Car Troubles

Today, I got in my car to go to work and the damned “low coolant” light immediately came on.  Of course, I had to get right to work for a meeting, so I had to hightail it down to my mechanic on the other side of town to top off my coolant so I could get to work (I wasn’t driving 50 miles round-trip and seizing my engine).

The mechanic is able to take a look at the car as soon as I get there. He pops the hood and immediately notices the cap has come off the coolant tank. “That’s why it was empty — it was all sloshing out,” he says.

That makes the third time I’ve gone to him for something and it’s come down to a loose cap on some part of the car’s anatomy. The last two times, my “service engine soon” light came on, and it was only because the gas cap was loose after I’d filled up (in New Jersey, we’re not allowed to self-serve our gas, so it was the attendant’s fault).

Mechanic to me: “I’m gonna start calling you ‘Cap Girl!'”