It’s Haircut Time

I’m going to splurge on my quarterly haircut on Saturday¬†— with tips for the stylist and the shampooer, it runs me $50. Right now, my hair is all one length, sort of a bob, but I want layers and shortness again. I suppose I should go in there with an old picture of a haircut I had a few years ago!

My hair color has lasted a while — I use box hair color from the drugstore, since I just want to cover my grays, which are coming in fast and furious now. That’s something I do every few months, and the color costs me about $5. At the salon, it would cost me $55. That’s without highlighting, which is about $5 per foil (think 20 foils on average = $100).

I also need a pedicure badly — that’s something I also do quarterly, because I hate people touching my feet. Actually, I hate people touching me, period (except for the haircuts). Manicures are even worse because they’re so close to my face when they do it, and massages are out of the question. Anyone else feel like this, or am I just a weirdo? Wait, don’t answer that question.

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  • I always feel awkward when the stylist is all up in my face. I don’t mind pedicures, but hate when men do them. I actually say, “Can I have the lady” ha ha!

    • Penny

      @Ally: I’ve never been anywhere that there’s been a guy pedicurist/manicurist, but I think I would feel awkward. Although it’s pretty bad when the ladies are massaging your feet or scrubbing your soles and your foot is bouncing on their boobs.

  • $50 isn’t too bad. I used to pay over $100 and then found a place that does an awesome job and recently got a wash, cut and blow out for $22. I nearly fell over.

    Even if you did decide to let people touch your feet, a great way to save on a mani/pedi is to just go in for a polish change. Of course, if you have nails and cuticles like mine you certainly need a little more than polish but a polish change runs about $5 instead of the $30 you’ll pay for a mani/pedi.

    And totally agree with you on the hair color – I’ve colored my own hair before and had stylists compliment me on it, not knowing it came out of a box.

    • Penny

      @Christine: I usually can’t get away with just the polish change — my fingers/toes are dry skin/overgrown cuticle nightmares. A mani-pedi by me is only $20, though (plus tip). Just a pedi is $17, so it’s usually worth it to get both (if I can deal with all the touching that day, haha).

      And $22 is awesome for the wash/cut/blow-out!

  • Patti

    One of the best pedicures I’ve gotten has been done by a guy – he took his time and was very detailed. I loved it. It’s too bad I can’t do them as often as I should. I don’t mind the touching.. I mind the paying. Which is one of the big factors to why I only get 2 haircuts per year.

    • Penny

      @Patti: I’m thinking there are some years where I go only 2-3 times a year, rather than quarterly. Those are usually the years I let my hair ‘grow out’ — you know, almost to my shoulders, haha.

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