Tostitos “Bloodbath” Photos & Resolution

Remember my little story about our crazy experience with our Southwestern Ranch Dip? For a refresher, here’s my Tostitos story and The Consumerist‘s take.

What I forgot to post last time were the photos I took from that bloody night. Here they are, by popular demand:

The bloody bandages and tissues

Mr. NSF's Tostitos wounds

The cut on my finger

The offending jar showing 1 of the 2 chips

The Resolution

I spoke with someone from PepsiCo, the parent company of Tostitos and Frito-Lay, and explained to her the crazy story, as much as I was embarrassed to admit to what happened. She said they would send me a SASE box in which to send it back to the company so they could take a look at it. Perhaps it was something that occurred during the manufacturing process. But it makes me wonder why some manufacturers choose to use glass jars, while others package their goods in plastic jars.

The company also sent us a few coupons for free Frito-Lay-brand products, which will further help us forget about that crazy Monday night!

Readers: What do you think about the company’s response to our issue?

Stuck in Neutral

Had a lazy weekend that anyone in their right mind would have savored — except for me.

I was bored out of my skull. The only thing I did was go see my dad for a little bit and pick up the molding for the upstairs room thanks to help from my brother. Otherwise, I’ve just been straightening up the house and putting away all the clothes that currently don’t fit. And that’s a lot of clothes.

The things I would rather have been doing other than a whole lotta nothin’:

1. Painting the kitchen. It continues to be primer white with test patches of different shades of green paint. I got the gallon of the color I preferred, and now I can’t finish the job. Have Mr. NSF do it, you say? More like Mr. ADD — there would be tons of missed spots and splotches of paint everywhere. So no thanks.

2. Putting up the molding upstairs. I was THISCLOSE to messing with the compound miter saw. If I use a mask, I don’t see why I can’t get the cutting done. There’s nothing heavy to lift and the cuts are pretty easy — and I’m good at measurements. The painting I’ll leave to Dad.

I’m not used to sitting around and relaxing. Other little things I did: I started a freelance assignment, read a terrible book (James Patterson’s Swimsuit (I know I shouldn’t expect thought-provoking prose from the author, but I do enjoy his Alex Cross series. However, this book was painful to read) and tried to straighten up around the house. Oh, and I took a long nap on Saturday. I suppose I should really be trying to appreciate this quiet time while I can, right?

Posts That Piqued My Interest

Not a big weekend on tap here in Penny Frugalista land. I’m hoping to go buy the moulding to finish off the upstairs room once and for all (it’s only been a year, folks — that’s what happens when you DIY) and get a flu shot today, which I’d put off from earlier in the week. Then we’re going to top off the day with Chinese takeout, our big food splurge for the week.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

A Quick Roundup

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A Present from the Uncle-to-Be

Mr. NSF is an only child, and I have one brother who’s a couple years younger than me. So our child will have one awesome uncle (and a bunch of honorary uncles and aunts, of course!).

Said awesome uncle told us he had “a present” for us. I could only imagine what it was. So he and his girlfriend stopped by the house the other night to deliver the gift, which was comprised of three parts:

Mr. NSF is especially psyched about the “Safe Baby Handling Tips” book, with its hand “Wheel of Responsibility” on the front!

I can only imagine what our kid will get from Uncle A when s/he’s born!

Meanwhile, I finally got my Snoogle body pillow. Had to trek to Buy Buy Baby on my lunch hour, but hopefully it will be worth the trouble. I did rustle up a 20% off coupon, so the $54 pillow only cost $42, plus tax.

I spent some time wandering around the store, and I must’ve seemed like a lost puppy, because I think every employee in the store asked me if I needed help finding anything. There was just so much STUFF. Some gimmicky, some useful, some essential. I took a look at cribs, car seats and Pack ‘n’ Plays (formerly known as playpens to us ‘old folk’), and I was amazed at the selection and breadth of price points. Yikes.

It was my first time looking at any stuff for the baby, and I’m not too proud to admit that I got choked up thinking about everything that’s going to come our way. A baby. We’re going to have a baby! We’re gonna be parents!

To steal a phrase from a newspaper comic that was NEVER funny: Aaacckkkk!

Little Bites: My Day Off

Interesting tidbits from my day off:

— I didn’t get my flu shot yet. I meant to go today, but I overslept and missed the walk-in times at my local CVS. So I’ll be making an appointment to go later in the week. The last thing I want right now is to get the flu.

— Also, I’m sucking it up and getting that darned Snoogle-style pregnancy pillow — my back is killing me! Mr. NSF said he saw the pain on my face this morning while I was still sleeping. I even resorted to taking an extra-strength Tylenol to take the edge off. I have pain at the base of my spine (sort of at the top of my rear end) and I’m also experiencing a weird numb feeling down my leg still. I head back to the ob-gyn in two weeks.

— I took on a bunch of freelance work this month, but the back pain is causing some issues with sitting in front of my computer for any stretch of time. Wondering if I should get a laptop table and type in bed sometimes. The extra money sort of makes up for the pain. I want us to be prepared both emotionally AND financially.

— I did manage to make it to ShopRite to “pick up a few things” — that turned into a $100 trip, but I’m trying to eat healthier, and there aren’t many coupons out there for fruit and vegetables.

— Had an appointment with the endocrinologist today — he’s further adjusted my dosage of Synthroid to treat my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but the dose schedule is crazy because he’s a perfectionist. I might have to get one of those pill boxes just for this one prescription!

— Endocrinologist and I also discussed my low Vitamin D results (on the same test results page as the thyroid panel tests from the ob-gyn). My ob-gyn hasn’t called me about them, but I’m on the low end of the scale — not technically deficient, but almost there. Wondering how much it really matters. But from what I’m reading, sufficient Vitamin D seems to help prevent premature labor and delivery and make baby’s bones stronger.

Putting Off Pregnancy Purchases

Okay, I’ll admit it — I’m being super-cheap lately (yes, cheaper than usual, my friends).

The only recent purchase I’ve made besides paying bills and buying groceries is to order two cell phone case covers off Amazon for me and Mr. Not-So-Frugal, which I got for free thanks to Swagbucks gift cards. And even Mr. NSF has been pretty frugal, aside from a recent rash of Chinese take-out cravings.

I’ve been putting off that pregnancy pillow purchase and wearing shirts that are way too tight for my current “condition” — and making some co-workers’ eyes pop out of their heads when they see my miniscule bump. It’s still mostly extra chub, ladies and gents, but just that the bitty baby in my belly is pushing it out further than it would if I were stick-thin.

But my back still hurts in the  mornings and now I’ve got this neat little thing where my upper left thigh goes numb every once in a while, in a line from my buttock almost down to my feet. But there’s no pain associated with it. I’ve narrowed it down to either Meralgia Paresthetica or Sciatic Neuralgia, but again, it doesn’t present with pain. Since it’s a new thing, I’ll ask my ob-gyn about it at my next appointment in two weeks.

So I suppose I should get that pillow, since it’s supposed to take the pressure off my back. I’m also contemplating buying a soft mattress topper.

We’ll find out if we’re having a boy or a girl in three weeks — we’re excited — and then comes the craziness of trying to figure out which car seats, cribs, strollers and other baby items are high-rated and safe. There’s so much to think about, but I’ve been putting it off for now and working a lot of freelance gigs to beef up our savings. And Mr. NSF is going to (attempt) to quit smoking, which will save us even more money.

Posts That Piqued My Interest: Crisp Fall Weekend Edition

It’s a wonderfully sunny and cool weekend here in New Jersey — well, Sunday’s a bit warmer than Saturday, but with temperatures in the 70s, it’s glorious to me, someone who’s always cold. The leaves are just starting to get that color tint that means they’re preparing to change over. One thing I noticed this year is the big Japanese maple in our front yard had all-green leaves this year — pretty odd, since Mr. NSF and I would have sworn it was all-red last year through the summer! We haven’t done anything to the front yard, so I have no idea what caused the color shift — but the leaves are starting to turn red for fall. Looking on Google Street View, which shows us our home right before we bought it last June, the leaves are red! Ponderous.

If You Can’t Live on $40,000 Per Year, It’s Your Own Fault at Len Penzo Dot Com. One man’s opinion on how he believes it’s possible for a family of 4 to live on $40,000 income — in Southern California. I don’t see that happening around here, unless you have a home in an undesirable neighborhood (he includes a mortgage in his calculations). Maybe if you bought the home 10 years ago and have that “low” mortgage…

Fear and Loathing in America the Beautiful at Funny About Money. She points out that the sins of the fathers don’t have to be the sins of the sons and daughters — but unfortunately, racism is alive and well in the U.S. in the 21st century.

An Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles is a Waste of Money at Consumerism Commentary. I’ll take the car for an oil change every 4,000-5,000 miles or wait until the “change oil” light comes on, whichever comes first. Not the smartest thing to do, I’ll admit.

Is There Ever A Right Time To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring? at Financial Samurai. Another polarizing post from Sam. Asking for an upgraded engagement ring BEFORE you even tie the knot? Tacky, tacky, tacky. Not to mention a bit gold digger-ish. But I think those who do it as part of a major anniversary celebration — with both spouses agreeable to the idea — is fine.

Tis the season to… at Single Mom, Rich Mom. Yes, Christmas is on its way, as are all the other fun holidays (Thanksgiving, my  birthday — yes, a minor holiday to me!). Her child asked for a rock tumbler — I remember having one of those and enjoying it immensely.

The Penny Frugalista on the Web

Demonic Dip Jar Causes Bloodbath at The Consumerist featured my Tostitos Dip Caused a Bloodbath at Our House post from earlier in the week. Loving the snarky comments — you guys put Gawker commenters to shame, my friends.