Joining the Yakezie Challenge

First of all, Happy Labor Day! I hope you — unlike me — have the day off from work and can enjoy it. This weekend was the first of the summer to be truly gorgeous, at least that’s what my now-horrible short-term memory tells me. We have no cookouts this weekend, because Mr. NSF’s parents usually do the BBQ’ing, and they’ve been out of state for a wedding for the past few days.

The Penny Frugalista Joins The Yakezie Challenge

There’s a great bunch of personal finance bloggers who belong to the Yakezie, a collective begin by Sam from Financial Samurai. Part of the Yakezie Challenge is first raising your blog’s Alexa rank in the initial 6-month challenge. I’m aiming for 200,000; right now, I’m at 1,057,679 after starting this blog less than a month ago at 10 million-plus. I’m entering the challenge with this blog after previously joining with my other blog, Rainy-Day Saver, and hoping some of you folks who enjoy my personal stories and posts will have followed me over here to The Penny Frugalista, too. Here is where you’ll now find my home improvement adventures and follow my pregnancy journey as my husband and I become parents for the first time (I’m due the first week in March).

Yakezie’s mantra is “selflessly helping others,” and I plan to bring my readers weekly round-ups that highlight the posts that stood out to me in the week past. I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with the older Yakezie members and meeting the new ones.

Thanks for accompanying me as I chronicle the important events in my life and talk about my family’s financial experiences.

— Penny

We Have Yellow!

Yellow paint on the walls, that is. Dad came over this weekend to paint the ceiling in the upstairs room and he got to start on the color on the walls. He only did the cutting yesterday, but I can already see that the color is a bit brighter than the “Pale Daffodil” it aleged to be on the paper color sample and on the lid of the can. Hopefully it will look more subtle as it dries. Dad is coming back to finish the first coat today (yes, laboring on Labor Day); we’re not sure if it’ll need two coats.

Speaking of the paper color sample, I have no idea where that is now. In fact, I’m lucky to know where ANYTHING is lately. My husband laughs at me because I’ve become just as forgetful as he is! I was the one who knew where everything was, remembered to buy everything while at the store with a list — just your regular know-it-all. Now, I can’t remember anything. I have Post-It notes all over the place and make to-do lists; then I forget those lists when I run out for errands. A friend suggested taking PICTURES of the lists with my phone since I carry that with me all the time — but that just means it’s only a matter of time before I forget the damned phone, too. And everyone says the memory issues don’t go away after you give birth — they only get worse.

In essence, I’m doomed.