Pregnancy Pillow May Be Necessary

I’m really trying to spend as little as possible during my pregnancy. I only bought new pants because I absolutely had to (nothing much was fitting anymore after a while), but besides that, the only expenses have been my doctor co-pays.

But now I’ve got a strange new symptom — early onset lower back pain. While I fall asleep on my left side most nights, I tend to sleep on my back, even though I know I’ll wind up on my side as my bump gets bigger, and without fail I wake up on my back in the mornings. So when the alarm goes off and I need to rise and shine for work (there’s only “rising” — definitely no “shining” until I’ve been awake for a while), I find myself having trouble getting out of bed due to lower back pain. It’s more of a soreness than anything else, which I feel during the day to a much lesser degree, but in the morning, hoo boy. It’s difficult to sit upright and then stand up to get off the bed. It lessens almost immediately, but I feel stiff.

So I asked my ob-gyn about it today and he said it’s not uncommon. While the baby is still tiny (weighing 2 ounces, maybe?), my uterus continues its domination of my lower trunk, pushing aside a bunch of other internal organs. So when I’m sleeping on my back at night, it’s probably putting pressure on the other stuff, such as my kidneys. Joy.

A few friends have suggested getting a pregnancy pillow that I can use to stay on my side during the night. It’s about 5 feet long and you’re supposed to put it in between your legs so it takes some of the pressure off your back. I’m not sure how well it will work, but if this achy feeling is only going to get worse mornings hence, then I’m ready to drop the $40-$50 it will cost. I’m going to use the $10 or so in gift cards that I redeemed through Swagbucks, unless I can wait until I get another $5 GC in order to take some more of the sting out of the purchase.

Other issues I asked the doctor about today:

1. Should I get a flu shot? YES. I was glad to hear this because without my annual flu shot, I get the flu twice each fall/winter, along with numerous colds. With an already suppressed immune system (due to the pregnancy), I need all the help I can get to stay well.

2. Can I still exercise? YES. I mentioned my little episode at the gym last week after walking on the treadmill — it felt like my blood sugar dropped. He figures it was because I had simple carbohydrates, rather than complex carbs, when I ate beforehand. That dropped my sugar too quickly.

Other neat/interesting things:

— Got to hear Pea’s heartbeat again with the handheld Doppler. Totally awesome. Whenever I hear the word “doppler” I think of weather and radar. There’s probably a connection, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now.

— I didn’t have to cough up a co-pay today. Maybe I don’t need to every visit? Not sure how it works, but I’m not going to complain. That $40 can stay in my pocket, thanks.

— My blood pressure is freakishly low. It was 100/50 today. Crazy talk. Actually, now that I think about it, it was something like 90/45 last time, too. I was assured that it’s normal for it to be low during pregnancy.

— My in-laws came back from their trip to Wisconsin (for a family wedding) with a gift for Pea — a Chicago Bears teddy bear. Cute!