Putting Off Pregnancy Purchases

Okay, I’ll admit it — I’m being super-cheap lately (yes, cheaper than usual, my friends).

The only recent purchase I’ve made besides paying bills and buying groceries is to order two cell phone case covers off Amazon for me and Mr. Not-So-Frugal, which I got for free thanks to Swagbucks gift cards. And even Mr. NSF has been pretty frugal, aside from a recent rash of Chinese take-out cravings.

I’ve been putting off that pregnancy pillow purchase and wearing shirts that are way too tight for my current “condition” — and making some co-workers’ eyes pop out of their heads when they see my miniscule bump. It’s still mostly extra chub, ladies and gents, but just that the bitty baby in my belly is pushing it out further than it would if I were stick-thin.

But my back still hurts in theĀ  mornings and now I’ve got this neat little thing where my upper left thigh goes numb every once in a while, in a line from my buttock almost down to my feet. But there’s no pain associated with it. I’ve narrowed it down to either Meralgia Paresthetica or Sciatic Neuralgia, but again, it doesn’t present with pain. Since it’s a new thing, I’ll ask my ob-gyn about it at my next appointment in two weeks.

So I suppose I should get that pillow, since it’s supposed to take the pressure off my back. I’m also contemplating buying a soft mattress topper.

We’ll find out if we’re having a boy or a girl in three weeks — we’re excited — and then comes the craziness of trying to figure out which car seats, cribs, strollers and other baby items are high-rated and safe. There’s so much to think about, but I’ve been putting it off for now and working a lot of freelance gigs to beef up our savings. And Mr. NSF is going to (attempt) to quit smoking, which will save us even more money.