Little Bites: My Day Off

Interesting tidbits from my day off:

— I didn’t get my flu shot yet. I meant to go today, but I overslept and missed the walk-in times at my local CVS. So I’ll be making an appointment to go later in the week. The last thing I want right now is to get the flu.

— Also, I’m sucking it up and getting that darned Snoogle-style pregnancy pillow — my back is killing me! Mr. NSF said he saw the pain on my face this morning while I was still sleeping. I even resorted to taking an extra-strength Tylenol to take the edge off. I have pain at the base of my spine (sort of at the top of my rear end) and I’m also experiencing a weird numb feeling down my leg still. I head back to the ob-gyn in two weeks.

— I took on a bunch of freelance work this month, but the back pain is causing some issues with sitting in front of my computer for any stretch of time. Wondering if I should get a laptop table and type in bed sometimes. The extra money sort of makes up for the pain. I want us to be prepared both emotionally AND financially.

— I did manage to make it to ShopRite to “pick up a few things” — that turned into a $100 trip, but I’m trying to eat healthier, and there aren’t many coupons out there for fruit and vegetables.

— Had an appointment with the endocrinologist today — he’s further adjusted my dosage of Synthroid to treat my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but the dose schedule is crazy because he’s a perfectionist. I might have to get one of those pill boxes just for this one prescription!

— Endocrinologist and I also discussed my low Vitamin D results (on the same test results page as the thyroid panel tests from the ob-gyn). My ob-gyn hasn’t called me about them, but I’m on the low end of the scale — not technically deficient, but almost there. Wondering how much it really matters. But from what I’m reading, sufficient Vitamin D seems to help prevent premature labor and delivery and make baby’s bones stronger.