Stuck in Neutral

Had a lazy weekend that anyone in their right mind would have savored — except for me.

I was bored out of my skull. The only thing I did was go see my dad for a little bit and pick up the molding for the upstairs room thanks to help from my brother. Otherwise, I’ve just been straightening up the house and putting away all the clothes that currently don’t fit. And that’s a lot of clothes.

The things I would rather have been doing other than a whole lotta nothin’:

1. Painting the kitchen. It continues to be primer white with test patches of different shades of green paint. I got the gallon of the color I preferred, and now I can’t finish the job. Have Mr. NSF do it, you say? More like Mr. ADD — there would be tons of missed spots and splotches of paint everywhere. So no thanks.

2. Putting up the molding upstairs. I was THISCLOSE to messing with the compound miter saw. If I use a mask, I don’t see why I can’t get the cutting done. There’s nothing heavy to lift and the cuts are pretty easy — and I’m good at measurements. The painting I’ll leave to Dad.

I’m not used to sitting around and relaxing. Other little things I did: I started a freelance assignment, read a terrible book (James Patterson’s Swimsuit (I know I shouldn’t expect thought-provoking prose from the author, but I do enjoy his Alex Cross series. However, this book was painful to read) and tried to straighten up around the house. Oh, and I took a long nap on Saturday. I suppose I should really be trying to appreciate this quiet time while I can, right?