Tostitos “Bloodbath” Photos & Resolution

Remember my little story about our crazy experience with our Southwestern Ranch Dip? For a refresher, here’s my Tostitos story and The Consumerist‘s take.

What I forgot to post last time were the photos I took from that bloody night. Here they are, by popular demand:

The bloody bandages and tissues

Mr. NSF's Tostitos wounds

The cut on my finger

The offending jar showing 1 of the 2 chips

The Resolution

I spoke with someone from PepsiCo, the parent company of Tostitos and Frito-Lay, and explained to her the crazy story, as much as I was embarrassed to admit to what happened. She said they would send me a SASE box in which to send it back to the company so they could take a look at it. Perhaps it was something that occurred during the manufacturing process. But it makes me wonder why some manufacturers choose to use glass jars, while others package their goods in plastic jars.

The company also sent us a few coupons for free Frito-Lay-brand products, which will further help us forget about that crazy Monday night!

Readers: What do you think about the company’s response to our issue?