A Present from the Uncle-to-Be

Mr. NSF is an only child, and I have one brother who’s a couple years younger than me. So our child will have one awesome uncle (and a bunch of honorary uncles and aunts, of course!).

Said awesome uncle told us he had “a present” for us. I could only imagine what it was. So he and his girlfriend stopped by the house the other night to deliver the gift, which was comprised of three parts:

Mr. NSF is especially psyched about the “Safe Baby Handling Tips” book, with its hand “Wheel of Responsibility” on the front!

I can only imagine what our kid will get from Uncle A when s/he’s born!

Meanwhile, I finally got my Snoogle body pillow. Had to trek to Buy Buy Baby on my lunch hour, but hopefully it will be worth the trouble. I did rustle up a 20% off coupon, so the $54 pillow only cost $42, plus tax.

I spent some time wandering around the store, and I must’ve seemed like a lost puppy, because I think every employee in the store asked me if I needed help finding anything. There was just so much STUFF. Some gimmicky, some useful, some essential. I took a look at cribs, car seats and Pack ‘n’ Plays (formerly known as playpens to us ‘old folk’), and I was amazed at the selection and breadth of price points. Yikes.

It was my first time looking at any stuff for the baby, and I’m not too proud to admit that I got choked up thinking about everything that’s going to come our way. A baby. We’re going to have a baby! We’re gonna be parents!

To steal a phrase from a newspaper comic that was NEVER funny: Aaacckkkk!

3 comments to A Present from the Uncle-to-Be

  • Isn’t it kind of incredible how many things people have invented for the purpose of child rearing and entertainment? We were joking the other night that we played in the STREET with STICKS and DIRT.

    It’s not far from the truth but i

  • oops! that went off too soon! 🙂

    I’m continually astounded by how much stuff we’ve come to view as essential to our children’s (mine non-existent) survival. I’d love to see how minimalist we could raise ours without going insane 🙂

    • Penny

      @Revanche: I agree — there’s entirely too much “stuff” for kids — and adults. While we had toys as kids, we were probably happier playing in the street with the neighborhood kids with a tennis ball or digging in the dirt, too.

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