True Confessions: First Trimester Weight Gain — I Haz It!

Time for the first of many “True Confessions With Penny” posts.

Allegedly, you’re only supposed to gain 4-5 pounds in the first trimester of pregnancy. And for a while there, I was doing pretty well, even through the 6 weeks or so of nausea that only made me want to eat more (what, of course I wouldn’t be one of those people who lost their appetites). While I’m glad I didn’t lose weight, I’ve totaled up the damage and am willing to report my first trimester weight gain: 9.5 pounds.

It could have been much worse, but still, I’m pretty annoyed that I put on that much weight in the first 14 weeks. That total doesn’t include the 5 pounds I gained prior to the pregnancy thanks to summer BBQs and our vacation in Las Vegas, where I wholeheartedly enjoyed myself, food-wise.

Hopefully, it will be a slow, steady and healthy weight gain in the second trimester. Thanks to friends who have lent me some maternity clothes! Perhaps I won’t have to buy anything more than a winter coat, which I’m sure I’ll need because I’m (still) always cold. Just not as cold as I used to be.

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