We’re Not ‘Thinking Pink’

Both Mr. Not-So-Frugal and I were firm in our belief that the baby I’m carrying was destined to be a boy. I mean, c’mon — we both desperately wanted a boy, and in my gut, I just *knew* it was a mini version of Mr. NSF.

Oh, how wrong we were — it’s a girl!


I should know by now that when I’m strongly convinced of one outcome, the opposite happens. In school, anytime I thought I aced a test, I did poorly. During our attempts to conceive, every month I would think, “Hey, THIS is the month I’ll get those little blue lines on the pee stick!” — and every month, I’d be terribly wrong and disappointed. Finally, the one time I didn’t think it was possible, we got a positive test. And we are so happy that we finally got pregnant because it took some doing beyond the usual method.

So when I convinced myself that we were having a boy, it finally hit me: “Hey, stupid — you know that’s not the way it’s going to happen!” So deep down, I knew our baby would be a girl.

However, I am not going to go the “pink” route. Some people have said “good luck with that,” but that doesn’t mean those are things I’m going to keep if given. Sounds harsh, but it’s our prerogative and my one request. I don’t push blue on boys. There are other pretty colors out there. Girls don’t have to be bubble-gum pink princesses. I sure wasn’t. I was the one playing in the dirt, picking up worms, riding my bike with the boys and playing rough outside. I was the one carrying a wallet and not a purse in high school. I was the one riding motorcycles (and not as a passenger), camping and hiking. And I turned out just fine.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ll let our daughter develop a personality — and a style — all her own. But I want her to know that she can do anything she wants to do — she doesn’t need to be pigeonholed. If that means going against the grain, so be it. Heaven knows I did.

So if you want to get our little girl anything, skip the tiaras and the pink dresses.