Sick in the Head

I’m home sick — with a cold or sinus infection, I’m not sure which. But I have a crazy runny nose, a headache that could put down a boxer and the requisite cough that goes with it all. I feel like my head is stuffed with all sorts of nasty things.

And I can’t take any medicine to make me feel better because I’m pregnant. So that means I’ll just be heading back to bed to suffer.

I love you, little girl, but this no-medicine thing is going to make me crazy if I continue to get sick through the fall/winter, as I usually do.

Got my flu shot a few weeks ago, so hopefully I won’t get that this year. I was good with it last year, too — no flu, after having gotten the flu twice in each of the previous seasons.

Perhaps later I’ll indulge in a cup of decaf tea, but for now, this little mama is headed back to bed.