Water Conservation in Our House

As we got ready to head out for the day on Saturday, Mr. NSF decided it was time for a shave. What drives me nuts about this is that he runs the hot water full-bore the entire time, while all he needs it for is to rinse the razor. Can’t the same be accomplished with a bit of water stopped up in the sink or by turning on the tap just at the times he needs to clear the gunk off the razor? I shave in the shower, so maybe I’m just as bad when it comes to wasting water. When I brought it up to Mr. NSF, he said, “You’re going to get on me for running the water during my once or twice a week shave?” I suppose not, but it irks me. He’s also the only man I know who rocks a beard during the week for work (cleaning up the neck area) and goes fresh-faced on the weekends. Of course, this also means the man can actually grow a beard in about two days flat.

I feel similarly about the dishwasher. Although it’s my favorite appliance in the entire house, I wonder if I’m wasting water when I use it. Naturally, I only run it when it’s full, which means once a week around here. But does it use more water than if I’d just done the dishes in the sink? I’ll have to do some research on that to figure it out.

I know we don’t use a ton of water, because our water bill only costs $30-$35 per quarter for the two of us in our 1,900-square-foot home. But I still love to conserve water whenever we can.

Conserving Water Tips

1. Don’t run the water when brushing your teeth. I never do this. In fact, I used a cup full of water to rinse for years. Now, I just turn on the tap a bit when I’m done to rinse my toothbrush and mouth.

2. Don’t allow the water to flow while shaving. Like I said before, this drives me bananas. Use the stopper and fill up the sink halfway. Use this water to clean your razor.

3. Always run the dishwasher and washing machine when full. You’ll never catch me doing a load of dishes  or laundry for just a few things.

4. Let your lawn go brown. There’s really is no need to water the lawn every day, other than for vanity’s sake. The only time I’ve done this was when we seeded a few bare spots. Unless your area is in a drought, the lawn will survive. And if you are in a drought, leave the water hose alone! I also saw an interesting article about “drought-resistant lawns” — instead of grass, the lawn is landscaped with plants and greenery that don’t require much water to survive.

These are the things I do to conserve water. Anything I’m missing?