Spending Blitz, and a Color Change

This is why I usually never go out for lunch at work: I tend to head to Target, Kohl’s or Home Depot. More often than not, it’s for an item or two that I need. Then I start tacking on purchases as I wander around the store.


Last weekend, I decided I hated the soft yellow we used in what will be the baby’s bedroom. My father had graciously lent his talents to the job, but I knew he and Mr. NSF were not too into the shade. Me, I thought, “Yellow will go with anything!” Oh, how wrong I was about that. Once we found out we were having a girl, I started to look at bedding and decor options. Almost nothing has yellow in it. Not even a smidgen of the color is present in most items. I probably should have looked beforehand, but hey, what did I know. And I never change my mind about things like this — who am I, again? But since we have yet to put up the trim (heaven help me, if this room doesn’t get done by Thanksgiving, I WILL LOSE MY MIND — it’s been a year since we started this project), we’re going to repaint the walls.

So on Tuesday, I went to Home Depot to pick up the new paint. Two gallons of lavender (we need to do the closets, too, since they’re a pukey green color circa 1964) set me back $50. Then I decided to get 2 pretty switchplates for the light switches, along with 7 other cheaper, plastic covers for the outlets. Another $20 gone.

Total Spent: $73


On this day, I trekked to the Kohl’s by my job with the intention of getting one more pair of maternity jeans (bringing my pants total to 3) and a pair of brown flats, since everything I own has heels and my back just won’t allow me to wear them anymore. In this case, I found the jeans, but apparently brown shoes aren’t on trend this year. Instead, I filled that void with a new bra (hey, the girls got bigger), a new necklace and bracelet to update my tired accessories I’ve been wearing for the past 5 years, and two baby outfits I couldn’t pass up at $6 each. I did have a 20% coupon to use on top of the sale prices and received $10 in Kohl’s cash for my spending trouble. But there was still wallet damage.

Total Spent: $71


Target. Or as we like to call it all fancy and French-like, Tar-jay. That big red bull’s eye is a pretty darned good magnet for my money. The intent on this trip was to purchase Halloween candy and try to find those elusive brown flats. And pick up the double pack of contact solution for an insane $4.39. I had with me a 20% off coupon good for a pair of shoes, $2.50 in candy coupons and a $.50 store coupon for the solution. After all was said and done, I wound up with 5 bags of candy (for the 5-10 kids we hope to expect on Halloween), the contact solution, Scotch tape, iced cookies to bring to a party on Saturday and a sweet pair of real-suede brown flats lined with fake sheepskin for $11.99 after the coupon.

Total Spent: $41.15

The good news is that I haven’t spent too much money lately, other than on groceries, gas and bills. Oh, and on Mr. NSF’s crazy Halloween costume fiasco. I did splurge on a manicure/pedicure for $20 and on a haircut (I go a whopping 3 times a year), but I’ve also had a really good month for freelance work, most of which will be padding our savings account once the checks come in.

Now I have to start thinking about Christmas.