Posts That Piqued My Interest: “Boy, Am I Steamed” Edition

Leslie over at the fabulous 27 and Frugal PF blog brought to my attention an incredibly ignorant, sexist post over at Dinks Finance. While I’m not going to give them the backlink, I’m sure you very smart readers will figure out which one it is.

The “writer” claimed to have Googled “Personal Financial Blogs” and all she got were male-run PF blogs. Let’s see, when *I* put in the same query, the first link that comes up is Wisebread’s comprehensive personal finance blogs list — and hey, a good portion of them are woman-run.

I’m not naive — I know the Internet isn’t all puppies and rainbows — but I expect a personal finance writer to do a little due diligence and properly research the topic s/he is writing about. I’m sure this was just a quick, one-off post, to write something for the sake of getting something up and getting a bit of a pop. Link bait, so to speak. It’s definitely stirred up attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

I think we ‘invisible’ female personal finance bloggers should make sure we spend a little more time checking out female-only blogs and promoting them. Maybe I’ll start a women-PF’ers-only blog carnival. Your thoughts, ladies?

In honor of that ridiculous post, I declare today’s Penny Frugalista round-up to be all about the women. There are so many more great female bloggers out there, but here’s just a taste. Cheers!

This Week’s Attention-Getters

Leslie at 27 and Frugal celebrates the blog’s 1st birthday

In the Throes of Unemployment at Girl With the Red Balloon

Life After the CPA Exam at Blonde and Balanced

How Will You Earn That Raise? at A Gai Shan Life

Being Your Own Boss is Not the Only Answer at Fabulously Broke in the City

Not So Anonymous Anymore at Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Splurge a Little On Yourself at Money Crush

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash at Couple Money

Calculating the College Graduate’s Course of Action at Funny About Money

Do Schools Have a Responsibility to Teach Us Personal Finance? at Well-Heeled Blog

Shopping for Fruit and Veg: 6 Money-Saving Tips at Miss Thrifty

Plastic Wars: Credit or Debit Card? at Money Funk

Should I Refinance My Mortgage? at Ultimate Money Blog

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