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I’ve spent the last week knocking out two freelance assignments — I have to admit, I’ve never had so much trouble getting sources for an article in my entire career. But I and my editor were happy with the end result, which is all that matters.

Besides grocery shopping, I didn’t spend any money this week. There was the possibility of a THIRD car repair since August (see here and here), but the ‘thumping’ noise I heard — similar to a flat tire sound — wound up being a dirty brake caliper. Go figure. Instead of charging me to disassemble the brakes just to clean it, the mechanic suggested that a car wash might be the ticket to getting rid of the noise. The reasoning is that he had checked the brakes just two weeks ago with my last car repair, and they’re fine. So there’s no need to do anything that will cost me money at this point. He also made a point to tell me that he wouldn’t put me in harm’s way, so that was reassuring. The fact that he’s a family friend also helps.

We’re down to putting up the trim in never-ending room renovation. I’m off all next week, so hopefully my brother will come over with his nail gun to do that. Then we’ll putty over the holes and slap a dab of paint over them. Finally, Mr. NSF can clear the tools and paint cans from the room and clean up the floor in preparation for moving our furniture in. The room is going to double as our bedroom and the “nursery” while the other upstairs bedroom gets renovated. At this point, I’m so tired of talking about this ongoing project!

We’ve also been lucky that friends, family and co-workers are giving us tons of baby stuff, which I’m putting away for now. Strollers, clothes, bouncers — thank you, everyone!

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