Posts That Piqued My Interest: Fall Leaves Edition

Right now, our backyard looks like it got wall-to-wall yellow carpeting. You can clearly see the line of delineation between our property, which is full of leaves, and the neighbor’s, where the landscaping service has neatly blown away all traces of fall (at least for this week). A few wayward leaves have traveled across the property line, but I don’t think our elderly neighbor will be too miffed at the invaders.

Last year, Mr. Not-So-Frugal and I raked the leaves ourselves. This year, I’m in no shape or condition to lend a rake, so it’s all up to him. One of our friends smartly suggested that we “mow” the lawn and let the mulched leaves decompose over the winter, serving as natural fertilizer. I heartily second that idea. However, I don’t think it will get done this weekend — more likely, I will be pushing Mr. NSF into the garage toward the lawnmower, kicking and screaming.

Here are some posts that caught my attention this week:

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