Frugality Means You Have “Quirks”

They may not be “quirks” to you, but the little things we do to save money are seen as ridiculous by many other people — especially those who spend without a thought to their financial stability.

This weekend alone, I had to laugh when I realized I was doing even more quirky things to save a buck. The latest?

— I save all gift bags and tissue paper. Hey, if it’s in one piece with no rips or tears or stains, why the heck not?

— Almost 100% of the time, any cash I get for my birthday or Christmas goes straight into the savings account. -I can’t remember the last time I took the money and went right out and bought something with my windfall.

— I reuse foil pans. Notice I’m not saying I BUY them to begin with. My mother-in-law will send us home with leftovers or desserts in one of those aluminum foil catering half-trays, and I’ll promptly remove the goodies and clean the pan for future use.

I’m sure over the new few decades, I’ll find even more oddball ways to pinch pennies. Anyone else with me?