Frugality Means You Have “Quirks”

They may not be “quirks” to you, but the little things we do to save money are seen as ridiculous by many other people — especially those who spend without a thought to their financial stability.

This weekend alone, I had to laugh when I realized I was doing even more quirky things to save a buck. The latest?

— I save all gift bags and tissue paper. Hey, if it’s in one piece with no rips or tears or stains, why the heck not?

— Almost 100% of the time, any cash I get for my birthday or Christmas goes straight into the savings account. -I can’t remember the last time I took the money and went right out and bought something with my windfall.

— I reuse foil pans. Notice I’m not saying I BUY them to begin with. My mother-in-law will send us home with leftovers or desserts in one of those aluminum foil catering half-trays, and I’ll promptly remove the goodies and clean the pan for future use.

I’m sure over the new few decades, I’ll find even more oddball ways to pinch pennies. Anyone else with me?

12 comments to Frugality Means You Have “Quirks”

  • Liz Greeley

    I save all the plastic containers with sealable lids-like cottage cheese, butter spreads and sour cream containers for leftovers. I can’t see myself buying those ziploc disposable containers. And I save tissue paper too!

  • I have too many quirks to list them all, but I agree with you that these quirks indicate a frugal attitude. I think my funniest quirk is that I cut toothpaste tubes open in the back to scoop out the last bit of toothpaste that sticks to the walls of the tube. (I do that with almost any tube.) How much does that save me? Probably not much, but I still hate to waste anything at all.

  • I’m with ctreit on this one. I cut open tubes and scoop out product.

    I also use glass containers with glasslock lids for EVERYTHING. no ziplock here.

    I use handkerchiefs instead of tissue paper (it has really cut down on my usage).. and reuse, reuse, reuse is on my mind.

  • I reuse just plain foil if it isn’t too gooey or sticky and ziplock bags (though I try to use reusable containers when possible). I also save gift bags and reuse them for gift giving.

  • I didn’t see anything quirky on your list:). It’s my normal!

  • I save plastic bags and reuse them for recyclable trash. Hate to throw away unused tissues! We all have our share!

  • Kelly

    I save the aluminum pans and my husband reuses them for fish frys at our house. I was given a Christmas present last night from a friend and the gift bag is SO cute..has faux fur trim on it…I am SO reusing it!!

  • I don’t buy paper towels ever. I think that it’s such a waster of time.

  • […] on December 2nd, 2011 Oh, the neuroses multiply. Today, I fully recognized another of my fabled frugal quirks: If I want to get rid of an old box, I faithfully cut the UPCs off the box of every major item we […]

  • I wouldn’t say the things you do are quirks. I always thought those things were common sense. Maybe more common sense for frugal people. Reusing things not only saves you money, but its better for the environment.Instead of buying ziploc bags, I reuse the tearable grocery plastic bags they provide for you when you’re shopping for produce. I often try to use gift bags for giving gifts and don’t buy cards, because I find people usually throw them out eventually. Some cards now cost as much as $5!!!

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