Our DIY Room is FINALLY Finished

It only took 13 months, but we’ve finally completed the bedroom that will be the baby’s room. For now, we’ve moved our bedroom furniture into the room and plan to have the baby’s furniture in there, too, while the other room gets renovated.

Thanks to a bunch of family members pitching in, we were able to finish this room ourselves, but we’ve pretty much decided that we will be doing a minimum of the work when it comes to updating the other bedroom (which will be ours again once done). We’re currently working on getting some estimates for the framing (we raised the ceiling from 7 to 8 feet; it’s a Cape Cod home so we had room to do this) and drywall work, which was the biggest bear for us. Gutting the room and putting up new insulation is a breeze in comparison.

However, we won’t be doing the flooring until both rooms are done. In the meantime, we cleaned up the old tile floor the best we could and put some area rugs over it in the “new” room. The new paint job is actually lavender, and the color is richer than it appears.

Here are some before and after pictures.

EDIT: I really didn’t think I needed to explain this, but the wood paneling is the BEFORE room. Completely out-of-date, knotty pine paneling, circa-1960. Thought the modernized drywall, paint job and updated trim in the last two pictures made it clear!



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