Re-Gifting & Thrifted Gifts Aren’t the Devil’s Handiwork

Last December, Mrs. Money at Ultimate Money Blog asked, “Are Thrifted Gifts Acceptable?” I think they are, within reason: If they’re in excellent condition, and it’s something the recipient wants, then why not? Perhaps not clothing, but other items may be acceptable, such as dishes, wine glasses and handy kitchen items. (DISCLOSURE: I’ve never actually given someone a gift that was secondhand or thrifted).

As I’m writing this post, my attention was brought to another great post about thrift-store gifts from J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly. As the reader featured in the post mentions, sometimes, you’ll come across fantastic finds such as hardly-used designer handbags at thrift stores. Would you turn down a gently-used Coach bag if you know you would never be able to afford one brand-new (or, in my case, wouldn’t dare spend our hard-earned money on one)?

Now that we’re trying to further cut our expenses in anticipation of our little bundle of joy, this Christmas leads me to another, similar thought. What about RE-GIFTING? When you get a present (that isn’t to your taste or is a duplicate) that doesn’t have a gift receipt and it’s something purchased brand-new, is it so terrible to “pass” that gift on to another person for Christmas or a birthday? It could be a piece of clothing, perfume, gift card for a store you don’t go to.

I don’t think it’s insulting to re-gift these types of items, because the alternative is to let them take up space in your home and let them go to waste. And yes, this also means that I’m open to receiving thrifted or re-gifted items, especially if they’re something I can use or are vintage or antique.

Frugal Admission: Yes, I have re-gifted some presents — but only once in a blue moon. I look at it this way: I’m making sure the item will get proper use AND saving myself some money in the process. No, I’m not talking about re-gifting an ugly sweater to a cousin who will think it’s just as ugly as I do. I wouldn’t pass “junk” over to anyone as a present, either.

We’re now two weeks out from Christmas Day and I’ve about finished our gift shopping. I may have used coupons, but have no fear. I’m not re-gifting or thrifting anything — this year.

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