A Debt Confession

Since the baby’s been born, I’ve been using our credit cards. And not just lightly — I’ve racked up about $3,300 in debt in 3 months.

Flame away.

We had no credit card debt prior to Baby Frugalista’s unexpected arrival, but then there were costs. About $2,500 in hospital and doctor bills, baby items to be purchased (we were caught unawares with her early arrival), and formula. I was due for a new eye exam, glasses and contacts, as I was on my last pair of contacts and needed a new prescription to order more — that came to $625.

There were other items that weren’t truly necessary, but I had planned to purchase them as part the house renovations that were underway at the time of Baby Frugalista’s birth. So I wound up with $160 in curtains to match the new sofa and loveseat (which were paid off already), and a new $110 comforter set for our renovated bedroom. Our house was so out of sorts that I “needed” to get it into some order, despite all of the baby stuff going on.

Since I’m taking 6 months off for maternity leave, I decided that rather than deplete our cash-on-hand, it was better to use a little “plastic loan” in the meantime. I’m making more than the minimum payments but not aggressively paying it down as I normally would. I do intend to pay it off in about 6 months.

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