Brita Comes Through With Metal Faucet Adapters

I can’t stress it enough: It pays to speak up and be your own advocate, especially when it comes to consumer products. I’ve had a ton of success when bringing legitimate complaints to the attention of the manufacturers or service providers.

Back in December, I asked for a Brita faucet filtration system as a Christmas gift. (Yes, I know I’m weird.) We had the Brita pitcher but since we drink so much water, it got to be a pain to refill all the time. When I opened the Brita faucet filtration system packaging, I saw it came with plastic adapters to fit different sink faucets. Eventually, it was going to be problematic. My plastic adapter lasted about 4 months — with lots of leaking — before the damned filtration system just fell off the faucet one day. The threads on the plastic adapter had worn off — and no DIY powers can fix that, not even mine.

Does every owner of the Brita faucet filtration system deal with crappy adapters? As usual, I turned to the Internet for answers. I found a lot of owners complaining about the poor connection with the plastic adapters. I also discovered that Brita is well aware of the problem. From the Brita website, under “Brita Replacement Parts”:

Brita® Faucet Filtration

Note: If you have difficulty attaching your Brita® Faucet Filtration System to your faucet you may need a special set of adapters that Brita will mail you free of charge. Call 1-800-24-BRITA or 1-800-387-6940 (CANADA).

I called up and spoke to a very nice Brita customer service rep, who promised to send out the new metal adapters free of charge — I didn’t even have to get into a song-and-dance routine to finagle them out of her. They arrived at my doorstep in a few days, and now my Brita faucet filtration system is staying put.

My question for Brita: Wouldn’t it be easier — and perhaps cheaper, to save on time/energy/postage fees/poor PR — to just INCLUDE the “special set of adapters” (which are metal, not plastic) in the package in the first place?