Gutting the Bathroom? Yes, I’m Nuts.

Now that our two upstairs bedrooms have been remodeled, I’ve turned my attention to the full bathroom up there, the last piece in the second-floor renovation puzzle.

Yes, I know. I have a 3 1/2-month-old baby at home. But I also need to do something constructive with my down time (yes, I still have some of that).

So yesterday, I decided I wanted to see how big the bathroom would be when I busted out the walk-in closet that was built into the bathroom space — we’d sealed up the entry door from the hallway side. And who the heck designs an L-shaped bathroom with a huge closet taking up all the room? That’s a question for another time.

Here’s the bathroom, with the wall I ‘removed’ — there’s a full shower behind the other gray-green wall, next to the toilet. See what I mean?

I think I’m just going to continue tearing the wood paneling off the walls and see how it goes. We have another (real) full bathroom on the first floor, so it doesn’t matter that this will take a while. After I go back to work, I’ll see how much it will cost to replace the shower with a tub and build a small closet in the space. The rest I can do myself because I plan to use the existing plumbing.

Did I mention my husband thinks I’m nuts?

Am I?

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