Trying Not to Spend Money

Now that I’ve been home for 14 weeks (!!!), the baby and I are finally getting into a daily routine. She’s getting tummy time, eating like a champ and suddenly sleeping 7 hours a night, all of which makes for a very happy mommy.

It also gives me a bit of extra free time. Free time that has me looking around the house and wanting to improve the decor. This is a bad, bad thing, because home decor is probably my one money weakness.

The new curtains

Back in January, we ordered new sofas, which arrived far earlier than the 12-14 weeks the store estimated — they were here in just 4 weeks. They’re a berry red, while the old living room accents are blue — curtains, area rug and wall decor. So I splurged on beautiful curtains from JCPenney to match our new couches — $160, with discount/sale. They look nice, but now I’m trying to wait a bit to get a new area rug and pictures for the walls. Never mind the fact that we still need to get a new coffee table and TV stand to complete the room transformation…

I’d also bought a new comforter set for our bed to match our newly renovated room and its light-gray wall color. That was $110.

Yesterday, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some more coffee K-cups — Baby Frugalista has turned me into a coffee fiend — and came home with dark, cordless cellular blinds for the baby’s room to keep out the sun in the mornings. Those were $60 after applying my 20% off coupons.

And there are so many other things on my home to-do list. Of course, we have a lot of things we want to do to our home to renovate it further. I want to replace all of the interior doors with white 6-panel models. We need to redo the upstairs bathroom to complete the second-floor renovations. Eventually, I want to get new kitchen countertops, and I’m contemplating doing the floor tile myself while I’m home on maternity leave. Our first-floor bathroom also needs a revamp, but it’s a lot better than the upstairs one (pine wood walls, anyone?).

Outside, our mint-green aluminum trim is outdated, and makes us the recipients of contractor brochures and letters, promising the best price on siding painting. We don’t have a deck or patio, and our landscaping is the laugh of the block. Those are all long-term projects, but in the meantime, I’ll be spending a bit more money to buy some pretty flowers to spruce up our front yard.

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