Posts That Piqued My Interest: Long-Overdue Edition

Between pregnancy and taking care of a newborn, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to give this blog the attention it deserves — never mind all of the other fantastic personal finance blogs out there.

So now it’s time for a long-overdue “Posts That Piqued My Interest” post!

— One of my favorite PF blogs, Consumerism Commentary, discussed Reverse Foreclosure: Man Seizes Bank of America’s Assets. The short version: The bank went after a couple who it claimed hadn’t made payments on their mortgage, initiating the foreclosure process. But the husband and wife had PAID THE ENTIRE COST OF THEIR HOME IN CASH. There WAS no mortgage. Bank of America owed them their legal fees and refused to pay, so the husband showed up at a local Bank of America branch and turned the tables on them. Love it.

— A very belated – but just as hearty — congratulations to Death to the Mortgage. He and his wife paid off their mortgage far, far ahead of schedule, thanks to a final lump-sum payment in April. After refinancing their loan, they decided to pay off their 10-year mortgage within a five-year window. They SMASHED that goal, finishing up in just 3 years, 4 months, saving $28,431 in interest on their nearly $189,000 mortgage.

Frugal Dad has a very comprehensive list, 62 Money-Saving Tips to Help Survive Another Recession. There are some new gems in addition to the usual ways to cut expenses.

— A sobering story over at Funny About Money, Why Everyone Needs to Learn How to Manage Money. Ladies, especially, take (and keep) control of your finances!

Microfiber Cloth Uses at Ultimate Money Blog offers some great ideas for using these little fabric wonders. I’m going to try Mrs. Money’s glass cleaner recipe, too, now that I’m almost done with our bottle of Windex.

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