Saving Money on Prescriptions

Yes, another medical-related post today. Such is my life nowadays, unfortunately!

I went to my endocrinologist last week for my postpartum bloodwork and checkup, to monitor my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and see if my dose needed adjusting. Most women find they become MORE hypothyroid after having a baby, but amazingly, my thyroid function has actually improved. This means I can take a lower dose of my prescription medicine, Synthroid.

Back in August, I wrote about how my endocrinologist really prefers his patients to be on the name-brand Synthroid. I explained that our insurance plan has a $30 monthly co-pay for name-brand prescriptions ($90 for a 90-day supply), but the out-of-pocket cost is only $80, so that’s what I pay. Our insurance co-pay is $10 for generics, which is a lot easier to swallow, especially now that we have a child and our budget is much tighter than it used to be.

Then I discovered that Target has a generic medications program where I could get my 90-day supply of thyroid medication for not $90, not $80, not $30 — just 10 BUCKS. $10!!!

Seems like a no-brainer, except I forgot to talk to the endocrinologist about allowing me to go back on the generic version of Synthroid, called levothyroxine. So my prescription, which I have yet to fill, says “no substitutions.”

I’ve left a message for the endocrinologist, and I really hope he lets me get the generic Synthroid in order to save money. His concern is that some studies showed that the generic version may have slightly varying amounts of the main drug in it. But I feel that since my Hashimoto’s is well-controlled, and I’m not pregnant anymore, I should be able to use the super-cheap levothyroxine.

I’ll keep you posted on that conversation after I speak to the doctor.

UPDATE: The doctor will let me take the generic — all I have to do is have the pharmacy call his office to confirm. Hooray!

2 comments to Saving Money on Prescriptions

  • I always ask for generics, but some drugs do not have a competing generic. My insurance policy is a little better for brand name prescriptions the co-pay is $60 for a 90 day supply, but $20 for generics for 90 days.

  • Joy

    Yes it is true, on buying generics we can save money. I too did not have insurance and I did save money on buying generics online at International Drug Mart.

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