Back to Work After Baby

T-minus two days until I return to my full-time job, and I have mixed emotions. I absolutely LOVED being home with Baby Frugalista for nearly 6 months, but I’m also anxious to get back into the workforce. And since I have a condensed four-day workweek, I’m hoping our separation won’t be too hard on me. I really think the baby will be fine, since she’s so happy and wonderful with everyone she meets. Me, on the other hand… that’s a crapshoot.

I’m glad she’ll be in the care of someone we know, who will take care of her like she was her own. I’m going to be doing the drop-off in the morning, and Mr. Not-So-Frugal will be doing the pickup after work. My hours vary and so do my husband’s, so Baby Frugalista will be with the babysitter anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a day (10 hours will only be those Mondays that I go into work early).

I feel like a kid anxious about the first day of school. What should I wear? Will I remember everyone’s name? Will I remember how to use the computer program? Will I make mistakes? Will it be overkill to plaster my cubicle with pictures of my baby? Will I cry because I won’t see my sweet daughter’s face for 10 hours?

It’s only normal for me to feel this way, I know. And I find comfort in knowing that most moms these days are working mothers. But it doesn’t make it any easier!

Anyone have any tips for making the transition easier?

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  • No…I started a new job 4 months after my first son was born…I do not recommend this. For my second, I went back to work about six weeks after not easy either. The easiest was #3…I became a stay at home mom, and haven’t went back to work.

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