Little Bites: Paper Napkins

This is totally me: Re-user of paper napkins. I have 3 folded paper napkins on the dining room table as I type this.








This comic is called “Pickles” — you can check it out at I read it in my local daily newspaper yesterday, which, I think, is going to slowly kill off its comics pages. And comics are the only thing I actually get the newspaper for, sadly.

Baby Frugalista, The Babysitter & Work

Well, we’ve survived almost 3 weeks of me being back at work full time. I also survived nearly 4 months without a paycheck, solely relying on our tax refund to make up for the lack of income on my end. Somehow, we made it with $300 to spare — budgeting for the win!

Not only was I okay financially, but emotionally, too. Having someone we know and trust babysit Baby Frugalista has made all the difference. Mr. Not-So-Frugal and I know she’s in good hands. Don’t get me wrong — I’m sad to leave her every day, but I haven’t had any crying jags about it. And the baby has acclimated wonderfully to the new situation. I leave her smiling, and when Mr. NSF picks her up, she’s STILL smiling. That’s reassuring! At least until the dreaded separation anxiety kicks in on the baby’s end…

The most wonderful sight arrived in my mailbox last Thursday: A paystub! I need to redo our budget to include my usual income and, now, the cost of the babysitter. Luckily, it doesn’t cost as much to have the baby with the sitter as it would to put her in daycare. But we do have some credit card bills to pay off, which I hope to have done by March 2012, if not before. Luckily, I was able to transfer a good portion of the $3,000 we owe to a credit card with a 0% offer — there was a 2% transaction fee, but that was “only” a month’s worth of interest at the usual rate. So it was well worth it.