Bally’s Total Fitness Rep Lies About ‘Free Year’ of Membership

Today, a co-worker of mine, who I’ll call “Dee,” told me a crappy story about her experience at our local Bally’s Total Fitness gym, to which we both belong. Both of us had been members of the gym before getting pregnant, and now that we’ve had our little bundles of joy, we still go because it’s located very close to our office building.

About two years ago, Dee got another of our co-workers to sign up for a gym contract — and the sales guy told her she qualified for a ‘free year’ of gym membership once her current three-year contract was up. This perk stemmed from Dee bringing the Bally’s some new business. She asked how the gym would award the freebie, and the sales rep said it was automatically given at the end of her current contract. Sounds like a great deal, right?

Wrong. Turns out, it was a very shady tactic.

Now that Dee’s three-year Bally’s Total Fitness gym membership is up, she wanted to know when her free year would kick in. The current employees just looked at each other and flat-out told her that the sales guy lied — there was never such an offer at Bally’s. They claimed that the guy lied to a number of Bally’s gym members and say he was fired for his disturbing lack of ethics.

Unfortunately, she got nothing in writing from this slimeball. At least she wasn’t scammed out of money, although she thought she’d be saving a full year’s worth of membership dues (money she really could use now that Baby No. 3 has arrived).

A quick Google search finds a few other alleged instances of this happening at other Bally’s locations (check out this similar Bally’s complaint).

My advice: If you’re promised something by a company — especially if we’re talking about free stuff! — GET IT IN WRITING!

7 comments to Bally’s Total Fitness Rep Lies About ‘Free Year’ of Membership

  • Rick

    Hi Penny:

    I saw your recent Tweet regarding your friend and her experience at our Bally Total Fitness location. I’m sorry to hear about her experience. I would be happy to look into this for your friend.

    When your friend has a moment, will you please have her email us the following information: 1) Full Name, 2) Membership Number (located on the back of her Membership card), 3) The details of her free 1-year membership, 4) The friend’s name that she referred and 4) The best phone number she can be reached at.

    I will then forward this information to a Member Services Supervisor for review and follow-up with her directly.


    Bally Total Fitness

  • Carlo

    Wow! I have never seen a company’s customer relations rep respond so quickly to something that wasn’t even sent to him/her — and voluntarily, no less! I’m impressed. Can’t wait to hear what happens with Dee.

  • dee

    Dee got her free year. They called, told me that i was indeed entitled to it as per the promotion they had been running at the time. unfortunately 3 different bally employees prior, had refused to acknowledge that, so I am soooo thankful to Penny for bringing this to their attention!

  • I gave the gym membership years ago and set up a in home gym.Surprise, my wife and I actually still use it.

    • Penny

      @Krantcents: Kind of hard to avoid a home gym! What kind of equipment, one of those all-in-one benches? We’re thinking of using our garage for that purpose, since we sure don’t use it for its intended purpose.

  • […] response from a company ever, someone from Bally’s Total Fitness saw my tweet about the Bally’s sales rep blog post just hours after I put it up, and in a comment on that post, asked me to have Dee e-mail […]

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