Thanks for Bearing With Me (& This Blog) Last Week

Sometime last week, hackers decided to insert malicious code into every darned post on The Penny Frugalista. This code redirected readers to outside websites, which, I’m sure, were not very nice (or safe for your information). I’m truly sorry if anyone was affected by the redirects.

Being the stubborn person I am, I decided to clean up all the files myself and change my passwords and random WordPress keys. Since I hardly knew what I was doing at first, it took a few tries — and a few days — before I got The Penny Frugalista up and running again.

I know a number of personal finance sites were hacked similarly in the past few weeks, but hopefully we’ve all cleaned house and everything is running smoothly again. Please contact me if you think you see something wonky going on with this blog.

Thanks for bearing with me!

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  • I know a couple of other Yakezie guys that are having this problem. At the bottom of my blog, I have a small smiley face. I’m pretty sure I didn’t insert that there. Still trying to figure out if someone had hacked my site, or if that smiley face came with my blog’s theme.

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