Stores I’m Not Allowed to Go to Anymore

No, I’m not talking about stores that no longer let me through their doors — I’m talking about stores that I really need to avoid, because my wallet has taken a beating lately. Actually, it all started right before Baby Frugalista was born back in February: I “needed” a bunch of things to make this house “baby-ready.” Can you smell the sarcasm coming through my air quotes?

We had to paint the upstairs room that had been renovated — well, that’s a no-brainer. Then I needed a matching comforter & sheet set. Curtains for the living room, because I’d just ordered new couches. Then there was all the baby stuff that hadn’t been lovingly gifted to me by family and friends.

Now, I can’t step foot in a major retail store without dropping $100 or more.

Where It All Goes Wrong

Target: This is where I get baby formula and food. And snacks. And cat food and litter. And that super-cute-just-gotta-have-it sleeper for Baby Frugalista.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Even pre-baby, this place was death to our bank account. If I have a weakness for spending on anything, it’s spending on stuff for the home. Decor, bedding, kitchen gadgets. Then they started carrying coffee K-cups! I was just set up to fail in this store.

Babies R Us: Pretty self-explanatory. Baby clothes! Baby shoes! Baby food! Diapers! Sippy cups! Empty wallet!

Kohl’s: I tend to go here when I need a specific item of clothing, or a new pair of shoes. I usually have some combination of a 30% off coupon, a gift card, and/or Kohl’s Cash. And then I drop $150 on stuff for the whole family. And the house (again). And I just HAD to get that new shirt for the baby (even though she has 1098434 other ones).

Most of my spending revolves around the baby, whether it’s for her or for me as a result of birthing her (like the new wardrobe I needed post-pregnancy — grr). While I can easily deny myself a new pair of shoes, that doesn’t stop me from buying the baby two pairs of booties if I see them. Do other parents have this same problem? My only solution is to avoid these stores as often as possible.

3 comments to Stores I’m Not Allowed to Go to Anymore

  • O my goodness this post is hilarious! Target is such a huge vice for me. Go in for Qtips, come out with $100 worth of items. Classic Target run.

  • Alana

    Yes, other parents have this problem. Myself AND my husband both fail miserably at NOT getting things for the baby that he simply “must have”. I think it’s all par for the course. We just have to keep a stiff upper lip and just say no.

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