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I hope you enjoyed the “Get Freebies by Complaining” article by Donna Freedman over at MSN Money, and thanks for visiting my little slice of the Internet. You’ll find many of the posts on The Penny Frugalista are centered around what’s going on in my everyday life, such as organizing coupons, dealing with infertility — and, then babies! — and bad customer service tactics.

However, I do want to clarify that I don’t endorse the idea of complaining to get freebies, as the article headline states. My original intent was to blog about the crazy experience of having my (and my husband’s) finger sliced open by a Tostitos dip jar, and to then contact the manufacturer to let them know there was some sort of defect with the glass jar. When The Consumerist picked up the story, it caught the attention of Tostitos’ parent company, Frito-Lay, and I was contacted by them. At no point did I ask for “freebies.” I can honestly say that the company representative freely offered to send me some coupons, and later, unprompted, a gift basket of their products. Of course, I did not refuse them — who would pass up free product coupons and some Fritos? Of course, they were nice enough not to send any Tostitos dip.

Take a look around The Penny Frugalista, and feel free to leave comments on any posts that pique your interest. Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by!

— Nicole, The Penny Frugalista

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