Hunger Games: Hot or Hype?

Hunger Games advertisements are EVERYWHERE. Trailer commercials permeate my TV and online viewing, and it seemed like out of nowhere, everyone was talking the movie. The books were flying out of stores. Some people, including a few friends of mine, bought the entire trilogy (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay), then gleefully passed them from person to person.

Playing off the hype, print publications and news shows have worked the phrase “Hunger Games” into far too many headlines and stories. Please, make it stop.

I’ll admit that I’ve read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games — accidentally. I picked up a free advance copy a few years ago, not realizing it was a young adult novel. I did read it, and thought it was good. But I also realized it was more of a political treatise on the haves vs. have-nots, and big government vs. the “little people.” I later put the book into my donate pile and soon, it was gone. I didn’t discuss it with anyone, since it didn’t really make that much of an impression on me.

All of a sudden, I hear they’re making it into a movie. Really? This little novel is becoming a big-budget film? Ridiculous, but hey, Hollywood is on the young-adult-book bandwagon.

Then the advertisements started, and the best-selling book became an even bigger seller. Hunger Games-related merchandise flew off the shelves (and continues to do so) at teenybopper stores like Hot Topic. The movie’s stars are doing press on every morning, afternoon, and late-night show.

Incredibly, the Hunger Games movie has been a boon to investors, too — claims that stocks even tangentially related to the Hunger Games empire have seen great gains, including the Lionsgate movie studio and book publisher Scholastic.

The film itself made $155 million in its opening weekend, an incredible take and the third-best opening of all time.

What’s next? Titantic 3D, of course. With all of the media oversaturation, my heart just can’t go on. I’m going to go hide in a book and hope it doesn’t become a movie.