Bathroom Renovation Burnout

It’s been 3 weeks since the contractor started on our bathroom. Since then, we’ve had a lot of back and forth with the electrician and plumber. We still need to maneuver our new cast-iron tub (yes, really, we’re crazy like that) up two flights of stairs from its current home in our garage (ditto for the solid-wood vanity). I need to buy floor tile and accent tile for the tub area, pick a potty, and get faucets and trim kits for the sink and shower/tub. Those last two are going to come from a local plumbing supply, as the quality of the product and connectors is 100% better than the cut-rate, substandard products you get at your big-box hardware store.

I’m just ready for it all to be finished. My impatience is legendary when it comes to letting others do things that I could surely do better and faster myself. It’s not always a great thing, but it does help me get the job done!

Since I posted my budget for the bathroom renovation, I’ve found that I’ve spent more on some items and less on others. For instance, I sprung for high-quality tile for the tub surround ($450 instead of $150), spent double on an exhaust fan ($110 instead of $50) and one-third of what I thought on an electric baseboard heating unit ($25 instead of $75).

I also want to get some glass mosaic tile to accent the simple tile I’ve selected for the tub area, and have to come up with a design. I could 1) run the mosaic tiles in a straight line around the three sides, or 2) use it to make a ‘picture frame’ focal point, and have the tile guy inset some of the plain square tiles in a diamond pattern. I’m still deciding.

Making decisions for decor is something with which I’ve always had difficulty, so I’ve been waiting until the last minute to decide on things. I’m pretty sure that will continue throughout the duration of this project.


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  • Home construction projects always seem to last longer and cost more than you planned. As long as you’re happy with the finished product, because it’s going to have to last awhile! 🙂

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