Bathroom Renovation Reveal

It’s finally done! Well, almost.

Our upstairs full bathroom renovation is a success, and the room looks beautiful. We still have a few things to do, like build a linen closet and get matching towels and some sort of art for the walls, but it’s done. The linen closet will be in the 15.5-inch by 30-inch alcove next to the tub. I’ll probably start building the shelving this weekend, and I’ll need to get a door from a kitchen/bath cabinet place. And the window calls for some sort of treatment — blinds or curtains?

We had an interesting time getting the 400-pound cast iron tub up two flights of stairs (to the front door and up to the second floor). And by “we,” I mean Mr. Not-So-Frugal, my father-in-law, brother and neighbor. I was at work when that happened.

It also turned out that we had to bust up the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, which had decorative ceiling tiles over an old plaster ceiling. After the plumber finished his work under the new tub, the contractor sheetrocked the ceiling for us.

The final tally: $7300. Not too far off my estimate of $7050 in an earlier bathroom renovation blog post. In addition to splurging on the vanity, I also spent more on the sink faucet set and shower tiles.

Here are some before and after photos. I wish I had a better shot of the original bathroom, but since it was in an “L” shape with a walk-in closet nestled in the middle of it (!!), this will have to do.

Who designed this bathroom, a blind man? There IS a shower to the right of the toilet.

In progress

Another in-progress view, before grout

The finished product

It’s an amazing transformation — it became the bathroom I envisioned. Not bad for someone who’s terrible at making decor decisions.

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