Spoiling Children

I now understand how parents can want to give their child the world — both figuratively and literally. Every cute outfit, every neat toy I see, I have to dig deep inside to find some restraint so I don’t wind up with a cart full of kid stuff in my cart at the store. Target, I’m talking about you here.

Between Christmas in December and Miss Frugalista’s first birthday in February, we were inundated with toys and clothes. I did think to request summer outfits in a larger size — which our little chunker is quickly growing out of already — and some small beach/pool items for our upcoming trip to North Carolina.

Toys are in abundance here, too. We have lots of little toys that play songs and teach the alphabet and numbers, along with the more traditional wooden blocks and fabric dolls. There are a few larger items, too, such as an outdoor water table and slide (two separate items), a music table, rocking horse, bouncy turtle, and a small Fisher-Price Little People dollhouse. That’s all in addition to the Little People ZooTalkers zoo and about 15 different animals that go with it. (Aside: Do you know how freakin’ hard it was to find most of those animals? They’re never in stores, so I wound up ordering many of them from the Fisher-Price website at $3 a pop.)

She has a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, a Radio Flyer wagon complete with seats, seat belts and canopy, and, not to be outdone, a motorized mini Power Wheels car. Then there’s the stuff at her babysitter’s house.

Since her birthday in February, I haven’t bought her anything “major” besides some extra ZooTalkers animals and her Fisher-Price dollhouse. However, I do have my eye on a little outdoor playhouse for her…

Do you have trouble controlling your spending impulses when it comes to your little ones? Please tell me it’s not just me!

5 comments to Spoiling Children

  • Patti

    I’m right there with you – Although I put a limit on Christmas, birthday was a little crazy. What has saved us is my fear of clutter and limited space. Otherwise, I’m sure we’d have a ton more. But it is difficult controlling the impulse to have EVERYTHING.

  • We brought up 2 children reasonably well. I earned more money in those days, but cute does not mean expensive nor do you need a lot of clothes. After all they grow out of them in just months.

    • Nicole

      @Patti: I have *some* fear of clutter.

      @krantcent: Good point. Cute outfits at Target aren’t the same as cute outfits at Calvin Klein.

  • You’re not alone. When my kids were first born I worked at Babies R Us for a while and I was always coming home with little pajamas or dresses for them!

    • Nicole

      @Mike: I can’t even imagine working there. Every time I went to BRU after the baby was born, I’d come home with a full cart and empty pockets!

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