Using Coupons for Grocery Shopping

I used to be a halfway-decent couponer. I dutifully clipped coupons from the Sunday newspaper, weeded out the expired ones from my coupon organizer, and flowed the new ones in. I’d match up the coupons to the weekly grocery store sales, and save about $10-$20 on my order — my local ShopRite doubles manufacturer coupons up to 99 cents, so that’s a big help.

But the past few trips, I haven’t used one coupon. Not a one. Except for a $8 off a total order coupon, which was on the front-page of the grocery store flier a few weeks ago.

I just cleaned out my coupon organizer, and I found coupons going back to late May. I suppose part of the reason is that I’ve been getting a lot of our nonperishable food items from our local Target, which has better prices than the grocery store, where not even a doubled coupon could get me Velveeta Mac & Cheese for $1.50 a box. Or my K-cups, or cereal. But there’s no way in hell I’m going to get fresh meat, dairy or produce at Target — and that’s the time of stuff that doesn’t get the coupon treatment.

So I’m committing myself to couponing for my next big grocery store shopping trip in two weeks or so. We’ll see what happens, because the sales (and the coupons) have been pretty awful lately.

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