Our Cat Is Getting Senile

We’re “parents” to two furbabies – a 5-year-old grey tabby cat named Misfit that we rescued off the street at 3 months old, and my 14-year-old tuxedo cat named Krashy, who was a shelter rescue as a bitty 4-week-old kitten.

That itty-bitty kitten turned into a tubby boy, hovering around 15 pounds for most of his adult life. And once our daughter arrived, he began shedding weight as he wondered why Mommy wasn’t showering him with as much attention as she once did.

Krashy’s weight has stabilized at 12.5 pounds, but he’s also been slowing down. Not exactly agile to begin with, he takes longer to calculate his jump when he wants to get onto our bed. He wants only to hang out with me — if the little person is around, he’ll hide under the bed. Doesn’t help that she turns into a screaming mimi if she sees either of the cats.

But we’ve run into something new lately: Krashy has been peeing on the plastic grocery bags we leave in a bunch near the litter box in the basement. At least, we *think* it’s him. He’s never shown this type of behavior before, and the litter box is always clean and accessible.

It’s happened three times already. I’m not sure if this is just our poor cat getting senile, or part of a larger health issue. It’s almost time for a trip to the vet, who will probably do some bloodwork. Nothing like drawing blood from a cat to piss him off.

Any other cat owners out there come across this problem with their pet?