Amazon One-Click — Buh-Bye

Since the birth of Baby Frugalista (who has now been promoted to Miss Frugalista, as she’s now 20 months old), I’ve been an Amazon One-Click groupie. It all started when I signed up for the (old) Amazon Mom program, back when the discounts added up to 30% off diapers and other specific baby supplies. Free two-day shipping became my crack – Hey, I can order XYZ on Monday and get it by Wednesday! And sometimes Tuesday, if it was shipped from a nearby warehouse.

Then, I discovered Amazon’s One-Click buying. Amazon saves your credit card information so when you go to check out and pay for a purchase, all you have to do is … click, once. Instead of re-inputting your credit card info. Ridiculously easy — and ridiculously dangerous.

Most of my purchases were limited to baby supplies and occasionally clothes, but it’s too tempting. Recent purchases have included a 12,000-btu air conditioner for $300, a block sander for $12, cheap diaper pail bag refills and an assortment of birthday/Christmas/bridal shower gifts. But there’s always a random “I didn’t really need that” impulse buy.

But those little purchases really add up, and wind up increasing our credit card balance, which needs to be re-tamed again. But that’s another post.

For now, it’s sayonara, Amazon 1-Click. The diaper purchases are automatic shipments through Amazon Mom, but other than that, I want to be forced to really think about a purchase before I make it.