Rock You Like a Hurricane… Sandy.

We’re getting ready to weather one of the largest (area-wise) hurricanes, ever. It’s a 500-mile-wide behemoth named Sandy that’s decided it’s going to pick on the Northeast. It hasn’t even hit the coastline yet, and already water is flooding coastal communities.

We’re not that close to the coast — just outside of New York City — so any water we get will depend on how much it rains. Our basement flooded a few inches during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene last August, but only because we’d received record-breaking rainfall earlier in the month.

This time, I’m concerned about the wind and what it’ll do to the two 100-foot-tall oak trees and 80-foot maple that border our backyard. I’m pretty certain the power will go out — we went without it for four-and-a-half days after Irene. But that was summer, and it was in the mid-80s, so we barbecued our food as it defrosted. This time, it’ll be in the 50s and we won’t have heat. I can’t wait.

So our outdoor items are secure, the air conditioners are finally out of the windows, and we were able to get our hands on a few bags of ice. I’ve made cookies, Italian pasta salad and chili. There’s nothing left to do but wait.

2 comments to Rock You Like a Hurricane… Sandy.

  • Good luck weathering the storm. If the leaves have already come off the trees, that will help them, as the leaves would actually give the wind something more to hook onto.

  • We pray for everyone suffering the aftermath of the Hurricane. We heard there are cities still has no power and light. I hope now that Obama got re-elected, he could give more attention to his people in the US. Our thoughts goes to all the people and victims at Canada too. God bless you all.

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