Toys, Toys, Toys: How Much Do You Spend on Christmas Presents for Your Kid?

Our daughter is two months shy of her second birthday, and we’re already drowning in toys. Between last Christmas and her first birthday, she got an incredible haul. Since February, I’ve only bought her two toys — a Fisher-Price dollhouse and a small talking Mickey Mouse. She’s been incredibly happy with all of the toys she has at our home, my in-laws’ house and the babysitter’s place.

I’ve been rotating through what she currently has — only half of the toys are out at any given time, because otherwise, the playroom is an incredible mess and she doesn’t play with anything. Grandma and Pop have bought her a few more things over the past year for their place, and our amazing babysitter has also added to her collection.

Now Christmas is upon us again, and her birthday is barely 6 weeks after that. I think my plan of action will be to pack away the toys she hasn’t played with in a while to make room for what’s sure to be another avalanche of gifts. We’re still trying to figure out what to buy her because there’s so much stuff out there. Santa’s going to bring her a toddler-sized table and chairs, and an art easel, but I think a trip to the toy store is in order. We get a kick out of shopping for her — and it makes us feel like kids again, too.

Do We Spend Too Much on Christmas Gifts?

Last year we spent about $250 on gifts for Miss Frugalista. Some people think that’s a lot of money for Christmas presents, and some people don’t think it’s enough. It’s a happy medium for us. Her birthday was closer to $50. Depending on what we decide to get her from Santa, it could be more or could be less. I’ll try to buy toys at the lowest price out there, but it seems like every retailer — online and off — has been using the same prices. And there’s no way I’m going shopping on Black Friday. That’s craziness.

It’s also an expensive few months because we hit a trifecta of birthdays this time of year: mine is in December, Mr. Not-So-Frugal’s is in January and then the little miss’ is February. Hubby and I are not exchanging birthday gifts, and we’re limiting Christmas presents to each other.

How much do you spend on Christmas presents for your kids? There’s no right or wrong answer, but this is the one time I get a kick out of emptying my wallet!

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  • My daughter’s birthday is also during Christmas season and it’s quite hard to skip the best present. When we celebrate her birthday, we even distribute advance Christmas tokens to her friends and classmates at the same time. Extra costly but it instills the great value of sharing.

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